Is it possible to restrict editing entities to specific ULX playergroups? (Or even at all?)

Title says it all. Simfphys has been causing some issues on a server I dev server people are pretty mich abusing the hell out of the fact they can edit all the properties on the vehicles. Is there any way I can restrict this option? This is the option I’m on about

sv_simfphys_devmode 0

I think?

Thanks for the responce though this did not work

Puts this error in console

[ERROR] RunString:1202: attempt to call method 'GetVehicleClass' (a nil value)
  1. unknown - RunString:1202
Timer Failed! [Simple][@RunString (line 1201)]

I will try working on doing some group checks when setting the Networked Vars, I will get back with my result

did you run sv_simfphys_devmode as a console command? I’m pretty sure it’s not a lua variable

Looks like it calls CanProperty hook with; ply, “editentity”, ent

If this is true, you can block them like this:

hook.Add( "CanProperty", "block_stuff", function( ply, property, ent )
	if ( !ply:IsAdmin() && property == "editentity" ) then return false end
end )