Is it possible to rip and format Bioshock Infinite Maps?

I’ve played and finished the game recently, and I loved it. To such an extent that I’d like to walk around the city streets myself, and give it to random people on the internets.
What a lovley day that would be.

( BTW I am somewhat skilled in ripping and formatting… to a certain extent. ) Any help would be very appreciated. Even telling me I’m out of my mind would be appreciated.

I’m not looking for any physics, just the town, textures, that sort of thing. I own a Steam version of the game.

Nope. Bioshock runs on Unreal Engine 3, meaning the maps wont work on Source, no matter what.
Your best bet is to remake the areas from scratch in Hammer.

Isn’t all model-based though? if people can rip models from other game, then you could probably rip the map itself. Case in point, someone was able to rip the Normandy Captain’s Cabin from Mass Effect and put it in Source; so theoretically I think it’s possible, but you’ll end up with crap lighting because Source (unless you put it in CS:GO which has that fancy CSM and stuff).

I think it’s easier ( and with better result ) to rip just textures and main models (windows, street details etc.) and make map from scratch.

Hint : Get me ripped models and textures and I might make small / medium Columbia map

That one really works for very small maps, as larger maps (such as every bioshock map ever) would lag due to the fact it would be next to impossible to optimize.

Well Alrighty. Thanks everybody. :smiley: