Is it possible to run gmod with -dxlevel 70 ?

I so far use -dxlevel 80 because I am playing gmod on laptop. But it still lags kinda, would it lag less if I would run it with -dxlevel 70?

Why don’t you try it :downs:

It’s technically possible, but the Source engine is nowhere near designed for DX7, and you’d find more problems than solutions.

My suggestion is to get a better PC. You really shouldn’t be playing on a laptop which can’t even handle DX8.

Yes you can, howeber, the Orange Box version of the Source engine was never desingned for working in DX7. You will probably have some problems with some addons and shit.

it would work but the menu and spawnlist will get messed up

Last time I tried -dxlevel 70, my gmod got crash happy. Last time I tried -dxlevel 80, I also had client crashing issues, but I at least was able to play. Going back to using DX9, I haven’t noticed much of a fps loss, and my game never has graphic related crashes anymore.

So you could try it… but your game might be most stable using -dxlevel 80 or -dxlevel 81. However I would recommend using DX9 and tweaking your settings, like turning off bloom/shadows/etc and dropping your resolution down if possible though, as it seems the most consistent, and FPS is actually higher in some situations (dx9 renders faster than dx8).