Is it possible to set an animation of an anim entity and not an ai entity ?

well, i am advancing fast on my litle information desk entity, its this person that when you press enter on it opens a derma frame. all of that already works, but i made an error earlier on and made the entity anim and not ai and i need to now set the animation. but what normally works doesnt :

	self:SetAnimation( IDLE_RELAXED )

i put that as the code but it doesnt change the position, its like it still has its arms in the default 30 degrees downlwards and its kinda dull for the information desk to be like that

any ideas?

also, i want to put my entity behind a desk but each time i block a litle space between me and the entity, it doesnt “obey” when i do use on it.

any ideas?

thank you in advance :slight_smile:

What do you mean “accidentally made it anim”. Just base it on base_ai and be done with it. To answer the question yes it’s possible to animate non-ai entities but base_ai already does most of the work for you.