Is it possible to some how make ripped 3D models usable in Garry's mod?

So hello everyone i’m asking if it’s possible. I got a program which rips 3D models from games that are based On Directx. The program is called “3D Ripper DX”.
After I ripped them I got a bunch of files .3dr .mtl .obj after a while I learned how to turn the .obj to a .SMD but now I’m stuck… how can I make a .SMD into a proper addon? or make the file usable in Garry’s Mod.
I searched Google for weeks but I found nothing.
Any help would be appreciated.

You get a smd importer/exporter, wallworm tools are useful.
Next time hit up the modeling section.

Um when I select the files the Importer does nothing. -.-

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