Is it Possible to Switch a Game from One Profile to Another?

I have a question. I just started playing Gmod again for the first time in months. One of the things I wanted to do was download a Thompson into Garry’s Mod by using the Toybox, but I had a problem. The Steam profile which has Garry’s mod also has the other games such as HL2, CS, Portal, etc. However, I also have another profile, and this one has Day of Defeat: Source. Since it isn’t on the same profile as Garry’s Mod, I can’t download any of the weapons, since it says I don’t have it.

I tried going to DoD:S in Steam to see if I could just install it on the same profile as GMod, but it only has the option of buying it again. Only, I don’t want to do that since I already have it, just on a different profile. I also have no trouble switching between the 2 profiles.

So, is there anyway I can take Day of Defeat: Source, and put it in my other profile which has Garry’s Mod?


So, the only way I could possibly add the Day of Defeat stuff to Garry’s Mod would be to buy it again on my other profile, even though I already own and have installed both games?

That’s just stupid.

No it’s not, it’s teaching you to buy games on one profile.

It’s not stupid at all, Steam was created under the assumption that a person would buy all of their games on the same account.

If they allowed transfer of games then that means I could (illegally) sell my games.

I still wish I could at least move the folder which has the files in it, or something like that. The only reason I have it on another profile is because it was part of a huge pack of games I bought during those sales they had around Christmas. Another reason was that it was the profile I just happened to be on. Since I hadn’t played Garry’s Mod in a long time, I didn’t consider that it wouldn’t see that I own the game just because it’s on another profile. I mean, it’s not like the game is on a different computer.

But, whatever. I’ll just do without it I guess.

You’re in luck though, it’s on sale.

It would probably be smarter to just buy gmod on the account with all of the games, since Gmod is super cheap compared to most games.

He already has Gmod on the account with all the games?

Yeah, the only one that isn’t on the account is Day of Defeat.

Anyway, since I saw how cheap it is right now, I think I’ll just buy it again.