Is it possible to weld func_physboxes to contraptions?

I made a map with a func_physbox car, i made a the frame with suspension and all that stuff. When i tried to weld the physbox, it wont weld.
i also tried to weld the physbox to the world and my gmod just crashed :frowning:

Apparently it’s not.

Honestly, you tried it and it didn’t work; Do you really think it would work if you asked us?

maybe if you gave it a name?

What are you welding the physbox to?

Could you just parent it to whatever you’re trying to weld it to in hammer?

  1. Have you tried making it a func_physbox_multiplayer?
  2. Are you running any prop protection scripts?

Oh yes, SImple Prop Protection, that blocks it?

Yes. The script treats it as owned by the world, thus making you inable to interact with it, I think.