Is it possible?

Hey, I was wondering if you could be able to make a map where the sky limit isnt so small? Is it possible? Sorry if its a stupid question.

can you rephrase that,
do you mean the map grid?

uh the sky limit isn’t small and if you mean the grid just push shift + g to zoom in and out of it

He probably means bigger maps. Question for you: If it was possible, why do you think wouldn’t there be any bigger maps after years of HL2 and Gmod?

It’s not possible. 327683276832768 inch is the maximum.

Not to mention there isn’t anything wrong with the grid height anyway, just look at the Dubai building map.

Short of cross-server mapping, no.

Mappers have half a mile cubed to play with. It’s not exactly small.

  • with the 3d skybox you can make your map look infinite

I think he is asking for actual space, not virtual space.

Still, the grid is pretty huge as it is.

There actually is a way, but it is pretty buggy.

There are some snippets of it in addons like wiremod, i forgot the name of the addon itself but basically it scaled everything (Players, props etc) down 10x, to make the map 10x bigger

And when you do that the collision meshes stay the same size.

hence i said, ‘pretty buggy’

It’s not really a bug as it was never an intended feature of source.

Do you find that pedantry makes you a lot of friends? :v:

You can also use Portal 2’s world portals to connect multiple layers/sections.

No, its what gets me work.

If you are going to introduce a new feature, you alone are responsable for making it work correctly. If you mod a shotgun in a game, but it is missing the model, is that your fault, or the original developers?