Is it possible?

I run a dark rp and im trying to use a head crab pill as the pet but it has problems if you switch jobs or get demoted with the headcrab pill its glitched, I was wondering if you could code it that everytime you switch jobs or get demoted it switches your weapon to your physgun first then it changes, is that possible?

They said the impossible was possible, my boy.

Insightful but but no help at all.

You asked if it’s possible, your question was answered.

Well I posted this in a lua help question not general chat, I would expect some lua answers other then this type of answer.

Your question was “is it possible”, the answer was “yes”. What else do you want?

I some times ask people if it’s possible to do xyz before I give it a shot myself. So I know that it can be done instead of trying then finding out it can’t.

Hey MakeR, Can I chew my brains and swallow the entire brain while still alive and able to do the whole process by myself without having any physical defect on my body? I want to ask before I attempt it myself. I don’t want to waste time.

No. :v:

Okay I apologize for the lack of information,what I meant to say is can someone help me achieve this.