Is it possible?

Hi everyone! Just to introduce myself, I am fluent in C++, and I have been playing GMod for maybe two years now. I am very familiar with running servers, and I just got into running a GMod server and modding the Lua. I think it is amazing. Here’s the deal. For my server/gamemode, I will need a map made that will have a creaky wooden dock with water, with some buildings on the other side, and a ship or two if possible that are on the sea facing side of the dock. this will all be set at nightime under a starry, moonlit sky. I just learned how to use Hammer, and I am in love with it. So here is my question: Should I make the map myself, and if I should how long would it take? And, if you think I should have someone else do it, how much do you think it would cost?


Make it yourself, will be better practice

Thanks, will do so.

Depends on the size, shape and style of the buildings, but the rest is easily possible. A dock with water and boats isn’t unheard of, can’t take more than a few hours if you’re doing a really detailed, cool dock. The buildings behind it, though, might take a while. If they’re just a few blocks with doors and windows on a hill, then the map will be done in less than a day. If you’re gonna try and make a port city with enterable buildings and sidewalks and patios, it might take a while - and might look not too good either, since you just started out in Hammer.

Thanks for the good advice. PM me your email address, you seem like you know alot about this.

you seem so enthused

i miss that

Haha, yeah. I am really confident that my game mode will become a large success.

What is your gamemode anyway? It seems like it will be fun

this feel… :frowning:

Well, from my point of view we need a bit less of this and a bit more enthuse towards requests. Because not everyone has the time to work on there Projects.

I’m sure a few of us will be happy to give you tips and tricks when using hammer.

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Sorry, not going to say. However, I will tell you that it is something COMPLETELY original which the GMod community has seen nothing like before. When it is released (which will be ASAP), you will be pretty impressed.

What setting/time zone. Could you provide a small overhead sketch/layout with routes knocked up in paint?

People want information you might just inspire someone.

What do you mean by what setting/time zone and an overhead sketches with routes? I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Ah you are asking for help doing it yourself, well it still depends on the size of the map and the complexity.
You should definately start with an overhead layout, like a road map. Even if your actual map strays from this image you have an estimated guideline to follow.

Sorry I read OP wrong I thought you were asking for someone to map this for you, in which case people will want more information.

No problem. I will follow your advice and draw this out. Thanks.

I like this guy, add me on steam, if you have a problem or question any time, give me a shout. Never know, I could help out, unlikely as that may be, it’s been known to happen…

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