Is it possible?

I have an EXTREME obsession with Fallout 3 and want to make a video using fallout 3, but it is terrible for filming, even using PC console commands. Garrys Mod is pretty good for filming, and I was thinking I could use that. I was wondering, is it possible to get weapon models straight from the game? Like, lets say, plasma rifle, Tesla Cannon, Perforator. Those are just ideas I would be interested in, but I would also be interested in actual places in the game, like Megaton, your Tennepenny towers or megaton room, etc. And is it also possible to get character models? Like Super Mutants, Raiders, Fawkes, Ghouls, and even armor like Power Armor and Combat Armor, or some really cool armor like Tesla Armor, Ashur’s Power Armor or the Chinese Stealth suit.

Thanks for the help, I am new to this.
Also, if it makes ANY difference at all, I own GMOD 10, The Orange Box, and soon CS:S.

The Fallout 3 content has to be ported for what you want.
There are a few downloads for Fallout 3 content on

If you want working weapons, you’ll have to request them in the lua section.

Ported? what do you mean?
Also I would like a working weapon, but I really just want the model, shooting or not.

Porting, to take a model from one game, and alter its files so it can be used on another game.

Ah, I’m guessing different games have different ways to port the files, correct? Or is there one way to do it? I should probably go look for a tutorial…

Fallout 3 model porting thread

Thanks! It says any game with a source engine…
would Garrys Mod count or would I need to own a game like CS: Source?

If you have HL2 or it’s episodes, DoD:S, CS:S, or TF2, you’re fine.

Cool, thank god for me buying the Orange Box.
Just wondering, what is the correct way to upload something like a SWEP, or maybe some ported items? I was trying to download a lot of things, and almost none of them work. I know that putting them into the addons folder usually doesn’t work, but I have no clue what else to try. (example: Tried to use Septok’s ported stuff and none of them showed up in Gmod)

If you are having problems with any kind of mod/addon you should always post a link.

Well I figured out the correct way, I am just having troubles with someones model pack, I’ll re-read the thread for info on how to fix it, and post the link here if I don’t find the solution.