Is it possible?

To host 3 servers and have the player cap combine?
So if i have 3 servers with 60 people, 50 people, and 40 people, (all out of 60) and some one wanted to join the server with 60 players, they could join and the server with 40 would then become 41, even though they are on a differnt server?
it would look like it was 150/180 people in a server
and if not, would it be possible to make a source mod that had a multi-player with with 1 larger player cap. or 1 mass server, with limited range of rendering (but lets exclude lag issues for now)

sorry if i didn’t organize it very well, i seem to be a very jumbled person

No, you’ll just have to buy more slots.

It’s not.

well, Everything is possible and im sure that your can do that, just ask some geni’s :slight_smile:

I agree with lemon bottle get more slots, less hassle.

You can’t get more slots, only in online games like “WorldOfWarcraft” “Runescape” and that s***
I don’t think you can get over 60/64 to Gmod, i think the server wil crash.

You have to think about how much internet that should have! and you will need a super computer to take all the play’ers and stuff.


I know what i said, but here i don’t think that is posible


I believe I know what you mean. In swedish “geni” means “genious”. Do you mean genious?

It’s possible to mimic props and stuff over multiple servers using Sockets, but it’s not recommended (and, for that matter, has never been tested). Your best bet is to just stick with normal sized servers (the maximum you should ever need to go is 50 slots (and that’s overkill)

No body besides post 2 and 3 understood what he wanted. gj guys

No, but they give him a info about servers :slight_smile:


And yes i did :slight_smile: