Is it possible?

To make a mini-map hud for the top right corner of the screen? I run a TTT server and sometimes people get lost around the map! so it’d be cool if there was a map to show what part of the map you were in and were the spawn point was. Epicness :smiley:

ps. nothing that could show anyone getting killed, just purely where they are, and maybe the DNA scanner could show up on there too :smiley:

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Well it would be quite a project because you would require a top down image of the whole map in a pretty high resolution and have minimum clipping showing so it doesn’t look bad. You would have to do this for every map and then be able to calculate the scale in which you place what part of the map you are on and that would all be very specific depending on how the map was created. Quite intensive work to be done for this. Also multi-leveled maps would be a bit more work to. It is possible though.

OR, of course, you could edit the code of an already existing radar. Though yes, multi leveled maps would be more work, but then this request is useless anyways for multi leveled maps.

There’s a function to draw from a point of view…

Ya, but as you read or may have not read, he doesn’t want it to draw props and other entities, just the map. And snapping between 2 different scales on the camera is ugly.
Also Point of view radars are ugly too. We need something flat that DOESN’T have a FOV.

POV would be like looking down from an apartment building.

A normal Radar would be like CSS where walls are flat and not angled in the radar.

Just how do you think those CSS overviews are made? Look here:

What about multi-level still?

Making the images is easy. All geometry above the player position won’t render, so you can use that to create separate “floors.”

Sweet. Thank you for your delicious knowledge.