Is It possible?

Is it possible to permanently download and install ToyBox entities or weapons?

They already do

No, I mean is it possible to keep them in your entities or weapons tabs, so that you would be able to use them off-line?

This would be useful, but it defeats the purpose of the cloud.

How so? All I’m asking for is the ability to download some entities or weapons permanently, it should not be a mandatory option, but for people that would like to be able to access them off-line this would be very useful. Anyway, is there anyway to achieve this now? Such as copying the lua code and pasting it somewhere?

I agree with this. I can’t access toybox because of my school.
So, I could just download it at home, and play it right there…

And it wouldn’t beat the purpose, as it will put it automatically in the right directories and it would be able to add it without restarting gmod.

it is most likely not possible at the moment
Props and maps yes, but weapon’s and entities not. because all need a seperate lua file to make it appear in the entities/weapons/vehicles tab.

Oh well, thanks anyways I guess. Now I’m going to go and make a suggestion thread for this.