Is it safe?

I just want to make sure linking your steam account with is safe. You know so i do not get my account info stolen one day. Seeing as how much money i have put into my steam it just concerns me.

yes it is safe

Because Steam steals Steam passwords.

No, it’s totally not safe. Not at all. Logging into that STEAM website with your STEAM credentials is not safe, don’t do it.

You’re logging into steam, which only grants garry and access your steam name, no password or anything.

Thanks for the answers from people who are not smart ass’s. I forgot you cannot ask a question on a forum. And now i go.

It really is safe. The amount of downloads on the addons there makes it obvious.

if you look at the top of the login page you can see its incripted to the website by Valve
meaning no oone well bealbe to see the info on the page

NO ITS NOT SAFE! Steam just decided to scam you for your steam password!

Lesson № 1 when dealing with suspicious sites asking for your password is to check the domain. In this case, so it’s good.

it puts the lotion on its skin and puts it in the basket…

But on a more serious note, it is safe.

(m80 flies into the room)