yes!! i used it when i played call of duty!!

Don’t worry bro, I got commando pro

Just get ready to hold down X

omg iw deleted it! there is no commando pro in mw3!

let’s use blast shield!

Can’t get over the right guy’s right hand clipping the gun. Also the shadows. Needs a lot more refinement.

Oh my gosh, so damn awful quality on the shadows. Before you take your final screenshot, remember to set all graphics settings to the highest if you can. With more powerful computer you can tweak Source’s shadows to look even better than ever with couple of console commands.

Also that posing needs practise. There are clipping here and there and awkward looking positions. Try to make them more natural-looking in every sector of posing (fingers, face, eyes, limbs etc.). Especially when your character holds something in his/her hand(s).

And, don’t forget to try out some lamps, light bulbs, Bloom and Super DoF to give a realistic boost to your poses… only if you’re using those wisely though.

Couple of useful tools for advanced posers. Why not for beginners too.:

Toggle shadow -> “To turn off the default shadows from an individual entity.”:

No collide world -> “To remove collisions from an object with world, or with world AND other objects.”:

Prop resizer -> “To change the size of the object.”:

Bodygroup changer -> “To scroll through skins, bodygroups and their subgroups if a certain model supports it.”:

Ignore -> “To make an individual model static in place which you can’t move with your physgun. It’ll make posing easier if there is a complex scene building around your pose.”:

I wanted to say all this 'cos these super ugly shadows with clumsy and boring posing terrified me so badly. And I guess someone else is going to profit this advise too. ;D