Is it still good to host a sandbox server?

Hello, I Would love to start hosting a sandbox server but im wondering if sandbox gets a ton of players like darkrp. I dont have any addons yet only my admin mod and falcos prop protection and SProp…So my question is it good to host a sandbox server in 2016?

Honestly? Not really. Nobody even builds on sandbox servers anymore, it’s all wire crap and showing off your fancy PAC edited playermodel. Other than that, they’re pretty much deathmatch servers with optional building.

I beg your pardon…?

Well you see, from hands-on experience I can tell you that 99% of sandbox servers don’t look like that. Those creations are nice but that’s not the norm. So no, you don’t have my pardon.

Im hosting a sandbox server with all the proper addons (Wire/PAC/ACF(including custom)/etc) but there’s always new people comming on to be annoying. We do get the occasional builders though.

Sandbox is like a light bulb for the annoying moths, im trying to stop them with spawn protection etc however.

What’s your server’s address, Exploder?

You specifically stated that “nobody even builds anymore”, so the joke’s on you.
Also, I’m around in this game for a bit over two years, so I know very well that that kind of build servers isn’t the norm. It’s far off the norm, pretty much an isolated haven.

But want to know what’s best about it? MECHS!

Well, there are alot of servers that are dead because of the amount of sandbox servers having no addons, I suggest you should make a unique build server, I love sandbox, just get the right addons and to get players, time will only tell.

Vermilion 2 has spawn protection and anti-pvp no prop spawning ect.