Is it still possible to buld a base on icebergs?

Is it still possible to buld a base on icebergs?


Yes, but without admin god mode, you’ll likely drown or freeze to death building the tower to get up to an iceberg.

I have godmode :rolleyes:

used to be able to without server modifications or admin powers…but ever since they changed its so that first aid kits are heal-over-time-if-not-taking-damage they kinda screwed that over

What do you call raiders who raid iceburg bases:

burglars haha i am so funny -.-’

You can spam seringes in between placing blocks underwater. The problem i have is that the block tower doesn’t even go high enough to get out of the water before i can’t place any more blocks… No idea how i could build a tower all the way up to the tip of the iceberg, and i can’t really start placing pillars and whatnot, not a lot of time to build while drowning. If anyone knows how i could build higher 1x1 towers after the point where it doesn’t let you place the half-blocks anymore that would be great