Is it worth keeping ULX?

Hello, my server has been using ULX for a while now and I have many modules for it but as moderator gets more stable I would like to know if it is really worth hours of my time converting addons to work with it. How major is that hook bottleneck I hear everyone talk about that is caused by ULX?

If it’s a darkrp server, convert, if it’s TTT, you should be alright.

I’m using TTT.

Wonder if code_gs is gonna explain why he disagrees…

I think he disagrees because he thinks you should remove it no matter what,
It depends how long it takes to convert and if you lag, since your using TTT, you won’t have as much actions going on compared to DarkRP, which means even though ULX bottle necks you, you might be okay.

Personally, I think you should really move from ULX, but if you are not lagging on your server, and it will take you allot of time that you need, then I wouldn’t move, but that’s because I’m lazy.

If you really love your server, you will move from ULX.
If you think your server is fine the way it is now with ULX, then stay, but it’s recommended you move.

Ulx rewrites hooks completely which in turn destroys many add ons and in general has poor coding due to added bloat. I’ll is very nice and feature packed but at the cost of your server preformance. Only switch if you feel lag

Proof? Refer to my post here plz kthx.

Gonna have to agree with Sticky Man! on this one, all I’ve heard about this hook bottleneck is that there is one. Never any proof :-/

Granted, we still have heard of other underlying bottlenecks in some server setups and configurations. We haven’t had much time lately to look into them (they’re definitely not caused by overriding the Hook library), but we’re planning on coming up with a solution as soon as we can.

So yes, do double check and make sure ULX doesn’t cause problems for your server with your desired gamemodes. If it becomes too unbearable to run, then by all means look into something else until we can get it worked out.

Because I was on my phone and pressed the wrong rating; it was originally supposed to be funny.

I asked a non yes or no question about something people are always talking about yet it is rated funny and agree…?

Because I think it’s funny that you’re stressing out about which admin mod to use when it’s a personal preference. Unless you’re doing heavy lua work, it doesn’t matter.