Is it worth learning how to use the Lua interpreter very well?

How much do you use it personally, atleast for developing Garry’s mod?

What exactly are you talking about?

Is it worth it to use a standalone Lua interpreter for Glua devving

Of course not… if you mean a console that you can output lua, then no.

edit: why have you even posted this? Just use GMod

It’s good to have and know how to use for applications outside of Garry’s Mod, but otherwise, no.

Standalone interpreters are useful for experimenting with the language. I often pop up a Ruby REPL to check if a thing I want to do would work.

Okay, thanks!!

I sometimes use the Lua demo page to test basic stuff, but other than that, I don’t really see a point

The standalone Lua interpreter won’t even run your Garry’s Mod Lua unless you follow the Lua specifications on your code.
If you use things like Garry Operators, it will start complaining left and right.

If you like Lua and plan to use it somewhere else, learning to use the interpreter might be useful.
Kee in mind though that what Garry did with Gmod Lua is far from being uncommon, so most times you will have to adapt yourself, that’s the beauty and pitfall of Lua.