Is learning GLua worth it anymore?

Now I am asking this question solely based on the fact that Garry’s Mod 2 is coming out relatively soon but is GLua worth trying to learn/work being this late in the game of scripting for Garry’s Mod? I would just like to know because I don’t want to invest my time in something that is at the end of its cycle, and don’t get me wrong I know the importance of learning a language no matter the longevity of it but I’d rather learn a language that will last longer.

Garrys Mod 2 isn’t coming out anytime soon. The bellends over at the game journalism site wrote lies in that VR game launch list.


Lua is a pretty nice lightweight scripting language to learn.

Thanks for clearing up the vr game stuff but as far as I’ve heard the game is in development I kind of remember Garry even saying it was in the making and that was like 2-3 years ago.

Why would garry release a new garrysmod when the current version is still incredibly popular and making a lot of money?

Whats the problem? If you want to create something to play with - learn lua. Its simple scripting language.
About gmod2: i think, gmod with custom (or just another not-a-source) engine will be greater and better. Also, no more awesomium, plaes

While still incredibly popular, another Garry’s Mod would probably make quite a lot of money.

I’ve heard rumors of Garry’s Mod 2 no longer supporting lua thats why I asked the question.

Because a new engine that runs better than source (IE source 2) would be amazing, and it actually going to be done when source 2 comes out

Money talks a whole lot louder then “it will be amazing”. Why kill off an older product if it still does the job and makes lots of money?

I think Garry’s Mod 2 would be mentally retarded. Just my opinion.

your only right on 1 point. GarrysMod may still make a lot of money, but the engine is showing its age. it performs like shit due to it being single-core along with the addons already at their limits with what they can do with the game

You do realize that the glitches, the funny mishaps, ect. are the main reasons Garry’s Mod has it’s audience that it does, correct?

Because Garry’s Mod still has an active following, transitioning to a new game gives a guaranteed community who is aware of how the game works and its development cycle. Look at the Call of Duty franchise – new games are released even after the old ones still have a huge following, which guarantees them sales as opposed to them putting out an entirely original game. It’s a great marketing tactic; so you are correct. Money does talk.

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Making a new one does not kill of the old one. Diminishes it, sure, but it will always be on a different engine and it will always have a small but loyal following.

True, however, it’s just like games such as ARK.

They REALLY should’ve used a different engine on that game. I mean, it has nothing to compare to, like a prequel or what have you… However, you can just feel it while playing.

you do know Ark runs on Unreal Engine 4 right? you know, a cutting edge engine? Ark is just unoptimized because its still in early access.

It does not matter how “cutting edge” the engine is. If you make certain controls one way, and the graphics/the way the game runs another way… It will not balance. Ark is a great example. A fun game, but poor choice in software. This is how I would see Garry’s Mod 2.

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Especially in this case, since you are comparing a GREAT game to a new one. It would be really hard to beat. Plus, it’s a sandbox game… What would Facepunch do, make better maps, and optimize the game a little bit? And that being said, optimizing shit could be in the form of an update, instead of a whole new game.

you dont seem to understand. Garry and his team cant release an update to garrysmod moving it to source 2. doing that would be worse than the change from gmod 12 to gmod 13, literally EVERY addon made for garrysmod would be broken. Source 2 would be a major upgrade to the game. physics would be improved vastly with rubicon instead of havok. we would have the source 2 hammer editor. we would have native lua compatability, and garry actually plans on adding C# scripting to the game. we would have a vastly superior menu system to the current one. i dont think garrysmod 2 would have any trouble destroying the original in terms of its flexibility.

I did not say that they could change the engine in an update. I said they can optimize the game in an update.

The game is pretty damn optimized. That’s not to say multicore rendering and cef wouldn’t make massive clientside differences. It’s bad code that makes the game run so badly. I run a server with 100-120+ players simultaneously on daily with stable server fps and decent clientside FPS.

This is exactly what I’m saying.

Why make another game? I mean I guess it makes since to improve the performance. However, this would be a bad idea, money-wise. Casual players don’t really care about those extra 15 frames. Or the fact that the performance isn’t the BEST it could be(or the casual players I’ve met). Most people who play Garry’s Mod are hardcore, however, about 30% is casual players.

What the fuck are you talking about? It’s a completely different engine that has endless new possibilities? That’s like saying, “why not have only one strategy game? Why not have only one Final Fantasy/Call of Duty/Legend of Zelda/Mario/console? Why not have only one car?” Because demands, popular opinion, and technology are constantly advancing and changing. Garry’s Mod was first released over a decade ago.