"...Is like policing New York City'. Hell, at least they don't get rain on the Citadel!" NYPD on the crime scene

my best pic in a while fo sho

have some rainymood for extra atmosphere


totally not blade runner inspired


original, without and with the dynamic lighting



scenebuild, as always

i managed to cram at least 16 lamps into the picture to create the ultimate lighting and shadows, all without messing up the Source shadowing like having over 7 lamps usually does, i’ll write a tutorial on how to do it

i hope the rain has depth this time lol

I take it thats China Town

more like japan town

(didn’t have any english neon signs)

holy shit, it’s awesome

wow holy shit that’s great

Choclat Caku

Damn, this is really awesome.

Nice job with the rain.

Pretty coo’. The rain edit is great.

Reminds me of Blade Runner.

This has got to be one of the best pics I’ve seen in a while and as generic as the scene is (you’ve had much more creative in the past), this has got to be one of my favorites from you. Well done!

Very nice as usual Joazzz.

I dig the Sci-fi Noire theme.

Like I said on steam, this is classy shit mang.
And the lens flare makes me orgasm.
Rated your ass medal.

Artsy’s for you my friend.

not sure about that, i usually do stuff about Explosions & Lens Flares Inc.

Awesome work! What map is this?


oh my god what props did you use , this entire pic makes me moist

this is so cool