Is Linux still unreliable for Garry's Mod Hosting?

There was a time where Linux was a bad choice to host Garry’s Mod on. I’d like to switch our VPS to Linux, however are the issues that were a problem on Linux (see: physics) still pertaining today?


You can see Linux specific issues here:

Hosting on Linux was never a huge problem, just a few bugs to do with very specific facets. [del]There definitely never was an outstanding physics bug that’s Linux-specific to my knowledge.[/del]

IIRC there was a vphysics crash on Linux involving a misaligned read/write because an old version of GCC incorrectly emitted a CPU instruction that required alignment when it wasn’t guaranteed to be aligned. This bug existed for quite some time before someone figured it out and provided a patch. AFAIK this isn’t an issue anymore.

Oh I’m dumb, I interpreted physics crash as an issue with an incompatible physics algorithm implementation, not with the actual vphysics module. Thanks, that makes sense.

Correct, it has been patched for about 5 years now