Is London 2 removed?

As the title says, is london 2 removed or why has it not come up in official server list yet?

Anyone who has information?

Thanks in advance.

Support written above ! But it seems that the administration ruined the server like a week before the wipe .:huh:

You have news ??

No i have not gotten any news, it whould be wierd if the remove the server now when its finally is pretty stable again…

I think the server needs the uptade

yeah, but they should already have it updated? 24 is online and updated i think london 2 is the only one missing ^^) and the other servers was updated in like 30-60 min after the rust update.

Play rustopia or rustified, a lot more reliable.

The strange thing is that now opened London 3.

ethan i whould, but i dont like that they wipe it every week? ^^)

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nikon i can just see london 1 :frowning:

I don’t like a wipe once a week . He appeared on 30 minutes and was gone :huh:

Where is London II ?!?!?!??!

And reduce de Wipes !!

Very bad server administrators…

i have no problems on changeing server, it’s just that i have made a name for my self on london 2 and have alot of friends there ^^) and all the bps aswell, but it’s looks like we gonna have to move on :frowning: