Is making a ship for SB3 in Hammer, then importing it into a GMod server possible?

Well, here’s my story.

I don’t like having to use the easy welder and smart snap just to make good looking stuff, especially counting for ships or other things that involve spacebuild.

So I had an idea: Making said thing in Hammer out off func_physbox and entities and a few props, somehow welding them together, and getting them (through the adv duper) into GMod for playing.

Is this possible, and how can I do it/someone kindly do it for me?


Also: How can I get Spacebuild and PHX models/entities into Hammer?

Its not possible unless you make a custom map, but it would still have to weld together and yeah you would get the same effect.

You can get my materials and models from your addons go into your phx folder and select models and materials and just drag and drop into your game\game folder that you are using to map with (I assume you are using ep2)
Same goes for SB.

Wasn’t there something called Proper that turned Hammer brushes into fully functioning phys props ? I remember a screen shot of someone with a giant prop of gm_construct inside of gm_flatgrass.

Does VMF loader still work? If so put the models together in hammer, save it and try loading it in with that.

If you want to make it out of brushes you could make it into a model with propper and add that to the server.

Lol that was me who did that.

You can turn stuff into props but then each server would need to have the prop models installed on it for you to dupe it in or use the spawn menu. He wants to make brushes into props he can use on a spacebuild server, but he would have to make a new map because there is no ent data of the new entity on the other map.


No. :suicide:

The latter wouldn’t work properly with a collision mesh, since it can only be made of a maximum of 40 brushes.

Make it from props in hammer, compile and run the map in gmod, smart-weld it together, advanced dupe it, done.

This might work, if you disabled motion on all of the props, then enable motion all at the same time on a timer.

Thanks, guys.


I can just turn the physics timescale to 0 in GMod, then smart weld it.