Is Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes porting possible?

I really don’t like to be a bother on this forum but *are *there any Ground Zeroes models out there that work with Garry’s Mod?
A couple of things that I think would be cool to port are the


**XOF Soldiers **


Kaz/Commander Miller

APC from Camp Omega

I’m not sure if the games files are encrypted, I’ve heard about that in the past.

Considering that the MSG/Diamond Dogs guys are on the Steam GMOD Workshop, I’m only assuming that porting stuff from the FOX Engine is possible, anyone up for this?

those are model hacks* based* on the models, not the models
afaik nobody’s come up with a way to crack into the files yet

Really? They look damn near identical in my opinion.
Well thanks for clearing that up, how can I get mod to close this thread or remove it?

Foxpack archives are encrypted no one will be porting anything for a while lets see how mgs5 assets are stored if its foxpack again ill take a look.