Is multiplayer really that fun?

I have not tried Garry’s Mod online, but I see so many stories on how fun it is. Being a “noob” what can you recommend me to try online, or what server can I use to help new people get a start online?

Start in a sandbox game gm_construct. Start building. You’ll find yourself hours later having a fucking blast shooting babies out of a cannon at your friends.

GOtta try that! Thanks mister :smiley:

I like flatgrass better - more space.

To each his own, though.

Certainly its fun. :slight_smile: Provided you find a server with sensible admins and regulars, you can’t go wrong often.

Use DFTBA Vanilla Server, as you don’t need any addons.

Depends what your prefer. I like doing terrorist town but whatever game mode fits you.

I could so use this thread for a little undercover server advertisement. But I wont.
Ps [sp][/sp] :tiphat:

Go on a RP server, change your job to Wizard, perform magic tricks