Is my grid f*ck up?

I am trying to line up the grass with the floor and the grid says it is lineup but when i look at it it is not, can someone help me? ;_:

This here is the grass and it saids it is lineup to the grid.

Here it saids the floor is lineup with the grass.

I have never had this problem before but if you guys know what i am doing wrong tell me in the comments. :slight_smile:

I’d try destroying and recreating that displacement.

Thanks that fixed my problem! :smiley:

You raised the geometry too much, or so it seems.

For next time, it would simply appear you have displaced the grass too far along the positive z axis. If this happens again, you can just use the paint geometry function to move that part of the grass back down. You can use the set height option with a distance of 0 to set the area under the cursor back to the brush face’s original height too, if you like. That would be the more precise option.