Is my laptop good for Rust?

AMD V140 Processor
15.6" HD LCD
ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4250
2 GB DDR3 Memory
DVD-Super Multi DL drive
802. 11b/g/n
4-cell Li-ion battery

If things are wrong please can you give me an update.

Currently running at 15fps.

Neither the cpu, the graphics card nor the RAM are nearly sufficient to run Rust.
I’ve tried on a dual core 2,2 ghz with ATI mobility Radeon HD 4570 and 4 GB RAM and it was unplayable. Even if you could get the game started, you wouldn’t enjoy it. I guarantee it

^ This guy is right. I have a macbook pro and I only get about 20 FPS on the lowest graphics. You can improve FPS by a little bit by opening the game and pressing F1 (probably fn + F1 because you are on a laptop), and type in “grass.on False”. It helps FPS a good bit. And I actually like grass turned off because I can see dead animals and backpacks and sleepers which would normally hide in the grass.

The minimum spec for Rust is 4GB of RAM.

You have half that.

The game probably won’t even launch on that computer. It just won’t be able to get off the runway.

Of course it will run… just not very well. :slight_smile:

No, actually.

I have seen people buy Rust without looking at the system requirements, and the game simply did not and would not launch at all. I’m sure you could be very tricky and force it to happen the hard way, but it’d run terribly.

And to answer the OP’s question, 2GB of RAM is nowhere near enough to run Rust at acceptable performance. It is half the stated minimum system requirement. As it fails to meet the minimum requirements by such a substantial margin, I’m warning him off by saying it may not even work at all, let alone badly.

Actually, I’d be inclined to agree with elixwhitetail. The 4250 Mobility series is a shared memory card, so the video memory is eating into system memory already. After the big chunk of RAM bitten out of that 2GB for the graphics and the OS you’re hitting the page file, which, if not large enough, will prevent things from loading. You can always jack the page file size higher, but your performance will really be in the toilet since you’re essentially running your RAM off your HDD.

The fact that the OP gets it to launch and run at 15fps is quite frankly astounding.

its perfectly fine, I run rust on something similar to that. these fools are just use to there high grade shit .

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o and I run about 30 fps

No can do, my guess

Post your exact specs please.

Actually i’m playing rust on a dual core 2,2 ghz with ATI radeon HD 4600 series and 4gb RAM with +30 fps. Ofc optimizing the RAM and launching the game with lowest grasphics quility on windows mode.

Make sure your laptop is running the card and not the integrated graphics (used for energy conservation). I found mine was running poorly, all my specs were above the minimum. I run EVE Online (not Steam), Starcraft 2, and Diablo 3 great. Then I found that I had to tell the laptop to run Steam and purchased games with my Nvidia card not the Intel graphics. Laptops default to the energy saving settings so you may have to change them manually.

Yes and it WILL run because there’s a thing called virtual memory…

Of course, as I mentioned earlier, your performance when having to use virtual memory sucks.

You seems to be kinda dumb for a king.

And what I was referring to was that the game would at least load…


Don’t think I debated that.

Will 2 gig even boot into Windows these days?

32bit, sure.

since rust is the worst optimized game ever you cant.

there are hundreds of games which look better than rust and you can run it on 1gb RAM with 100fps, HL2 is an example.