Is N-stepping/lag glitching fixable?

I only ask as it’s so common now that I and my partner are unwilling to play any more.

I know the devs will want to fix it, but is that even possible? or is it something every FPS is suceptable to and might as well move along to another game.

We both enjoyed playing Rust, even when raided or over whelmed, we just pick it back up and try again. We have nothing to compete with glitchers though, even when trying to stay way off everyones radar, we still have to pass their buildings to get to resources.

We know who these people are but why bother slinging shit on a forum.

whats n-stepping?

Yes it is fixable. I’m pretty sure it will get fixed soon.

I am not sure if this n-stepping/lag glitching even exists as people are saying it does. I have seen a lot of videos of it and I see it all the time in my end to. Its like you lag for a second and then your dead. HOWEVER it always happens at the end of a fight RIGHT before I die. I have had many times where people have chased me down and been firing at me as I dodge and run away or even had long shoot outs with people that lasted a while till in the end there last bullet kills me. HOWEVER I do not see their last shot I just lag then dead. This is NOT lag glitch though this is a small problem with your client trying to catch up with the server side game.

The person on there screen has killed you and it registers to the server but your client has not yet received that information due to what I assume is small amounts of desync. Thus you lag for a split second while your client catches up to the server and though you seemed alive, it lagged then it cleared to you being dead in reality you were already dead the second you started lagging.

Desync will always be a problem in games like this more so in alpha then anything else seeing as I am sure they are FAR away from optimization yet of any kind. I am sure as time goes on it will get better and you will notice it far less as things get optimized.

I been around the gaming block a few times and from the video I have seen of people complaining about n-stepping and my own experiences of seeing this my self I think its nothing more then a small desync issue which I am sure will be resolved soon.

Lets use logic and reason rather then knee jerk reactions when we get killed in a video game. It goes a lot further in helping the games you play get better.

It is certainly fixable. If you’ve played Arma, once a player desyncs, none of his actions in-game register while his internet connection is disrupted.

Its lag switching and its fixable.

this is something that was fixed when we had 1 server.
when they made multi servers, it changed and is plausible again.

it will be re patched soon

It can be fixed, but probably at a cost to legit high ping players. There’s a decent explanation of client-side vs server-side movement and hit detection here . BF3 uses client-side to make the game responsive whether the player has low or high ping, but that also comes at the price of making it vulnerable to cheats and exploits. I’m assuming that rust uses client-side hit detection at the moment, which would allow someone to artifically overload or inhibit their own connection making them appear frozen to you but on their side they’re shooting you so when their client finally updates it registers the hits and there’s nothing you can do. This may be the reason why some game servers have ping limits in place that kick you if you go over x ping.

Not claiming to be an expert on the subject, electrician by trade - electronics/computers as hobby. I understand enough to know its some complicated stuffs tho.

Thanks for the replies. I’m hopeful now, if the devs managed to fix it when there was one server that the game will be playable once again in the future.