Is new method of reporting (f7) working properly?

I know theres a lot of posts about hacking and antihack, before all i’d like to say that i’m not calling some1 hacker easily, i want to be 100% sure before i do.

I’m playing on Facepunch Frankfurt Hapis 1, at least i was, i’m not planing to go back to that server until i see ban on that guy.

This guy is Speed hacking, super jumping and aimboting (ofc esp included) . 80% of server is calling him out on hacks, my buddy and me saw him super jumping into our quarry, after when we started shooting they started running away, when we stopped shooting they assumed we are not looking, so they turned on speed hack, and in 2 secs they ran a distance that would usually take 30+ secs (it was not lag, cous my friend was down and running normally). You could actually see bursting into speed until they got in cover behind mountain…

Yesterday he tried to raid our base, and he fell into open space in honeycomb (2 story high), ofc that couldnt stop him so he just super jumped out of it, again both of us saw him. At that point we gave up, myself and few other guys from server kept reporting him for the past few days but nothing happend only because he is using it “when needed”, so even if admin is following him, chances are he wont catch him.

Also, he and his clan members blocked few hangars in airport, which is also bannable.

Thats his steam account, his old one that he risked with much more games and hours (why wouldn’t he risk new one) is already banned

his old steam account:

and ofcourse his buddy is :

Bunch of guys left server because of him, he is taking down 4-5 helis per day (or was) solo, When we killed him he actually managed to get to his body before we did and we were 30secs away from it, we saw him across field runing like flash.

I understand hacks will always be there but if you could check on him and try to follow, most of the server would agree with me.

They really should make a server check for going too fast, tired of seeing Sanic the hotdog hackers running around.