Went on youtube today trying to listen to some music and I find THAT. My first gmod video, C&C appreciated even if they get drowned out by the potential flamewar.

I don’t even know what to say. So I’ll just ask you some questions.

Did this really deserve a thread? A video, even? Also, how does this in any way desecrate the music you like?

Oh wow overeaction much.
You attention seeking fuck.

Bronies are slowly over running youtube. It seems now that pretty much every video has something pony related in the related videos.

So that’s what the video was about.

Alright in order: well I thought so, it’s my first gmod video and being a nobody on youtube I thought a thread would get some publicity. The video wasn’t that hard to make, I just felt like making a gmod animation and that’s what came to mind. Last of all, mainly the fact that the Protomen are one of the best bands in the world and that Lauren Faust is most famous of MLP:FIM which has the worst music in the world. Also there’s the fact that until now Megaman has been relatively safe from brony invasion.

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Some people have no sense of humor.

No need for a sense of humor when something isn’t funny.

It was not funny in even the most remote, untreated ways. It was only funny on how much you were sperg-lording over a RELATED VIDEO next to a video you liked.

That’s the joke. Can we just get an admin to lock this? It was a bad idea from the beginning.

Damn right it was. I hope you learned something from this.

Yes I learned you’re a bunch of damn idiots who don’t know what hyperbole is.

I know what a sperg is.

When everyone tells you you’re not funny, and your video has all dislikes, you have no rights to say “No i’m real funny guys your all just stupid XDDDDD”

Of course I do. I’ve read the Wikipedia article, sonny.