Is now a good time to try and learn?

What I’m wondering is is it worth it to try and learn how to create maps right now using the workshop tools from HL Alyx, I never really used hammer 1 so my knowledge of hammer itself is pretty much non existent.

The reason I can’t answer this for myself is because idk if i will be wasting my time as i’ve read around that s&box has no intention of using any content from HL Alyx and will be making their own models and such, and idk exactly what this means for maps made in hammer 2 as most tutorials I’ve watched include adding stuff from HL Alyx

Would it be better for me, a beginner, to go through all the hammer 2 tutorials I can now and give mapping a shot or wait until the official release of s&box before I give it an attempt?

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If you already own HL:A that is, S&box won’t use assets it doesn’t own, but it will come with its own assets, and learning how to make maps with HL:A’s hammer 2 will transfer almost seamlessly onto S&box’s hammer 2.

You should also look into making materials using the Material Editor, you can get free repeating textures online easily and one thing you’ll want to know is blend textures for terrain, now’s the right time as I don’t think S&box will come out for a while.