Is Nvidia 980ti GPU man enough for the job?

Good Morning all,

Basically I would like to pull near to/over 120 fps (re 120hz plus display) at 2560 x 1440 (27 inch display) on RUST.

Putting everything else to one-side (its a new build) anyone have experience of this and particularly with the 980ti or what do you use GPU wise to achieve it?

I want to avoid SLI if possible.

If you want 120fps@4K on Rust you need a time machine to either go forward in time to when Rust’s performance optimization is finished, or to bring back a computer from the future. :v:

The game isn’t finished enough to deliver that kind of performance with any sort of reliability yet.

I watched a video where someone ran rust on a computer running 4 GTX 970’s in SLI, some ridiculously powerful processor, 64GB of RAM, and on an SSD, and even then they couldn’t run the game at 4k properly. Give it some time to get optimized.

Yes I understand this and thanks for response, but im not after 4K im after less etc.

Ideally i’m after someone using a 980ti to run RUST and their direct experience with FPS at 2560 x 1440 resolution (which we can think of as 3K perhaps?).

Once I have that info and if the result is not 100 pls fps then the same question but at 1080 resolution please.

Well, 2560x1440 is 3,686,400 pixels per frame, so technically speaking it’s not 4K, and is nicknamed 1440p.

But the end result is that you’re still pushing almost double the pixels per frame than for 1080p (2,073,600px), and unless you have the quality settings turned down, 60fps might be overly optimistic for the time being.

However, a 980ti should still run Rust decently enough; it’s not going to be bogged down like it’s a 7-year-old video card or anything. I just don’t know if you’re going to get what you want right now with it, but that’s all because of Rust’s performance - which will get better over time.

So, if you are planning an upgrade to your computer, and you want to get a 980ti, you’re going to be able to play Rust at least good enough for now, and even better later.

Yes thanks Elix,

I have a GTX 770 right now and pull a steady 75-105 fps on very high settings at 1080, granted it jumps around a lot etc.

The 980ti is massively better hence my question.

You’ll blow past 120fps@1080p with the 980ti easily, I’m almost sure of it.

It’s the jump up to 1440p that’s going to murder your performance because it’s a 60% increase in resolution.

Understood - if I was a betting man I would say with a 980ti at 1440 I would pull around 75fps? But lets hope someone has done this then I will know for sure.

I would like to benefit from a jump from 60hz to 120hz display etc. (pref with the increase in resolution as well, but they may be a step to far).

same question re Titan X GPU good people.

titan x isn’t really much better as a 980 ti

Multi GPU support doesn’t exist in rust. Expect low framerates on those compared to new single GPU

I have sli 980’s and can run rust at 70+ frames at 1440p. Of course only one 980 works with rust at the moment I believe, so with a 980 ti you can expect decent frames at 1440p and decent settings, of course it depends on your other hardware also.

My specs: EVGA 980 TI SC+
Intel 4670k OCed to 4.4ghz
Kingston 8GB 1866 ram
SSD 250gb
Windows 10

Basically your framerate depends on how much stuff has been built on the server because that kills performance. I run the game at almost max settings at 1080p and the minimum frames I get is 30fps(I cap my frames at 60). I tried running at 1440p but wasn’t happy with the performance.

So I’m not sure if the guy who posted above is really getting that or not but I can’t see
a way to get a constant 120fps @ 1440p maxed out. This is likely due to the game still being relatively unoptimised.

Correct name for 1440p is either WQHD or 2K, there are no 3K monitors as far as I know, the nK Depends on the amount of pixels along the top of the screen. When it comes to 4K however, most 4K displays are actually Ultra HD which is less than 4000 pixels across the screen and Real 4K is more that 4000 pixels across the top of the screen.

the price to performance ratio makes the titan x a fools option really

I get 70+ on average never 120. 120 on decent settings would be very hard to achieve most likely not possible at the moment. I would love to get 120 since I have a 144hz monitor. As you say performance degrades as the server gets built on more. I haven’t played in 1080p so no idea what my fps would be there.

I have:

i7 5930k OCed to 4.5ghz
16gb DDR4 dominator 2166 Ram
500gb Samsung 850 Evo
SLI Gtx 980
Windows 10

If you have similar hardware and a 980 ti you can expect 70 frames per second.

Ok yea fair enough man, your CPU is really awesome as well that probably helps a bunch with all the objects that need to be calculated.

But just so the OP knows, in my experience, a 980 TI alone won’t get you a constant 120 fps at the settings he wants.

I would still recommend getting one because it is a beast of a card and will only get better once games start utilising dx12.

Ok thanks good people,

I will go with the 980ti and run the game at 1440p on a 27 inch 144hz monitor and see what happens.

I guess RUST will only get better optimised and I should consider other games that will benefit from this set up.

Also got the SLI option moving forward so all bases covered.

Tbh the Gtx 980 ti is the best single gpu for me right now. So you can’t do much better when it comes to gpu. But like Onimaster said that alone won’t guarantee you 60+ fps at 1440p. I assume if your getting a 980 ti you have a decent cpu as well :slight_smile:

In which case you should hopefully see 60+ fps.

I really want sli to work with rust so I can grab those extra frames from my second card, hopefully it won’t be long.

SLI will be useless if you’re just playing rust - unfortunately the unity engine doesn’t support it yet (cmon guys)

with a 980ti over that res, you’ll piss 60 fps mate, tho you might struggle with more that that. For example, I’m playing over 5760x1200 (3 monitors) on x3 980s (remember I only utilize one on rust) and get 50-60 fps with everything on max apart from ambient occlusion (for some reason i drop 10 fps and it does sweet fa anyway!)