Is os.execute() banned in GMOD?

Hi fellas, my apology if this question has been asked and answered.

So I was trying my run my first script – to add a radio in GMOD that can play music in my computer.
and there is a line :

os.execute("..path..\foobar2000.exe /play")

but the console told me that execute is nil!

I guess garry banned execute for security concerns, and I totally understand.
However, I was just trying to create a virtual “me” to have some fun in the virtual world, and I always play single.
Is there a way to give me back the os.execute ?

thanks a lot, for any infomation.

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sorry I just found it cannot be posted here. but I can’t delete it myself.

Write a binary module, infact, one probably already exists :stuck_out_tongue: