Is point_clientcommand disabled in Garry's Mod?

I’m working on a vast outdoor map, with a custom detail.vbsp to increase the density of automatically generated grass sprites (to make it look like real grass).

Furthermore, in order to increase the fade distance on these automatically generated grass sprites from the default value of 1200 units to 16000 units, a console command has to be run on the client’s computer. This particular console command is:

cl_detaildist 16000

So, I have been using the entity “point_clientcommand” to run this console command automatically when someone loads the map (via logic_auto). That way, they don’t have to go through the trouble of entering in the command manually.

So far, when I test my map in Episode 2 or Portal with this console command, it looks STUNNING. Absolutely beautiful. The grass goes on into the distance, and looks very realistic.

Here’s the problem:

I am trying to show my friends this map by starting a listen server on Garry’s Mod. When we get on the map, however, the fade distance on the grass sprites is defaulted back to 1200 units, which looks really crappy because of how drastic the sprite pop-up is.

I have discovered that the reason for defaulting back to 1200 units is due to the point_clientcommand entity not initializing in Garry’s Mod. So, in order for a player to see the grass off in the distance, they have to manually enter in the console command mentioned above.

I’ve also tried point_servercommand in Garry’s Mod, and it still doesn’t work. Is there an alternative way I can have this console command executed when someone loads the map?

I suggest making a very simple map with one single feature enabled by the point_servercommand and see if that works first.

Also, I’m curious of this grass. Care to post a screenshot of it?

I’m not sure, but doing what SweetSwifter said is the most obvious thing to do.

Also, please post some screenshots, I really want to see it! :v:

The following screenshots are of the map I am working on. The grass sprites and ground texture are custom made from my own photographs, at 1024x1024 (Crysis) resolution. The old wagon to the left is just a Valve prop I added for scale.



Do you see how much better the “After” pic looks? This is why I want to have this command automatically execute.

I’ve tried the point_clientcommand entity with other features like you said, SweetSwifter, but it still didn’t do anything.

Maybe there is some autoexec line I can code to include with the .bsp file that would enable this command???

Does it lag? Just asking

Yeah it’s disabled because a year back there was this lua virus on gmod 8 or 9 that basically made a point_servercommand and point_clientcommand on any server that was infected at startup and gave you admin powers as a client on any server that was infected if you knew how to access it.

I forgot what it was called, but it was a big deal.

meh, I was getting about 80 frames per second in the second screenshot


What if I distributed a .cfg file with the map? Could I put the console command in a .cfg file and have it automatically run when the map was loaded?

I think if you put a cfg in either the maps folder or the cfg folder “mapname_cfg.cfg” it runs it… Try loading a custom TF2 map it will error in console something like “Mapname_cfg.cfg not found”

To be honest, it doesn’t look that good. It looks like a large tradeoff, losing performance for such an unneeded effect.

Don’t all of those sprite rotate along with you as you walk? I’d imagine that would be extremely obvious that the grass is watching you… :ohdear:

ok cool i’ll try that.


Now that’s funny.

I think there’s a setting (flag) that you can set to make them not rotate. Not sure though.

That could make your grass look better.

it’s really not noticeable in-game.

the default grass sprites in any valve game rotate as well