Is posible to seal areaportals using toolsinvisible?

Is posible to seal areaportals using toolsinvisible?
im mapping a map that have a little house in middle, the walls are somewhat complex so i used func_detail for them and use worldbrushes with toolinvisible to cut visleafs and funcion as a wall. but when i add a areaportal is imposible to seal it, there is another way? what can i do?

use func_illusionary

just find the most basic brushes of your house, and use them as walls. whatever holes you have seal with areaportal brushes. (if you are doing geometry such as a cylinder) In one HL2 map Valve did some weird thing with an areaportal brush and skip. That may be what you are looking for. (the part where you assault the combine wall by going through houses and such)

As Stiffy mentioned, you really should have the exterior walls as world brushes. After defining the basic shape of the house, all other detail should be tied to func_details. Covering the open windows and doorways with hint/skip textured brushes would help limit visibility and improve fps. Rooms without windows and 1 entrance should have the doorway blocked with a func_areaportal. Modify the areaportal entity to enable/disable with a prop_door_rotating.

Its a brush entity, therefore cant help with sealing areaportals

use areaportalwindow then

As far as i know any type of portals has to touch faces of world geometry in order to work.


op you need to have all sides of your areaportal touch world brushes in order to work

Ok, thank you guys

i re did the house following that rules, and it worked

It is possible to seal an area portal without using world brushes, but by instead using other area portals. You can do this to create an area portal ‘volume’ without using any world brushes - I’ve used it a few times as it can be handy technique. In this instance, it isn’t suited but for future notice as people seem to believe that area portals MUST be between world brushes.

Me trying to explain it - all the brushes need to form a sealed volume with only one face per area portal brush in a portal area. This means if you make your corner’s diagonal (Which you should be doing anyway) then you can flush them all together without any issues.

Here’s a picture, in this instance, you would need world brushes above and below to seal it (Limitation of 2d!), but you can also use area portals if you use the same technique.

You can’t have area portals touching each other.

The entities can if you construct them correctly - see this VMF. It compiles correctly with no leaks and the areaportals function correctly. Press the button and the cube disappears because the closed portals block the PVS.

I’m not saying to just go around and do this in your map (VisLeafs are butchered in this example) but it does have its uses.

But arent areaportals expensive? i mean, like reallyexpensive?

They are more expensive than visleafs, but it can make the scene much cheaper by having to render less objects.

Areaportals aren’t that expensive, but there is a cost. This is why you need to ensure that they hide enough to make a ‘profit’ on performance from having one.