Is Procedural Map and HapisIsland updated simultaneously?

Hi guys, currently running HapisIsland and just read on the Devblog about new features as Water Treatment Plant, Helicopters etc.

Are these features and updates added to both maps at the same time? And which updates will autowipe the server?

Thanks guys!



Hapis was abandoned. It is bugged (barrel spawns) and not being updated.

got proof anywhere about that cinder mate?

they fixed the barrel bug

They fixed it already please get informed before speculating

And have they worked on Hapis at all? No, right? Not for many months.

Well, how many months of no work do you want before you call this map abandoned? Or do you prefer we say “they stopped working on it”?

helicopter, jack o lantern etc is in place so it seems as they update both at the same time. the question is how it works when they insert for example the instances and new cities, as they have to be placed manually by the devs.

Yeah, Hapis has everything that is on the main servers, but the island is unchanging at this point. It does get all the updates.

i don’t think we can call anything abandoned here; things that have not been worked on for months suddenly get dropped into the game one day. but yeah, i agree that hapis hasn’t been mentioned for a while, and is at least on the backburner.

Sure we can. The person working on it said in a dev blog they stopped working on it. It is an abandoned project. Who knows when, or if, they will work on it again. They might just drop Hapis for something better.

There is no reason to pretend they are still working on this. Sure, they might pick it up again later.

When they add the new instance and water treatment plant etc we will know if they care about Hapis still.

“not working on” something is not equal to “abandoned”, despite their similarities.