is raiding allowed on non pvp servers?

so i was playing on the US East Coast Non pvp server, when some people decided to raid my base i couldnt stop them all i could is watch as they took all my stuff and walked out laughing, is raiding allowed on offical non pvp servers? if not KneeKnappa and some other dude i cant remember the name of need to be dealt with accordingly. if raiding is legal then u need to just not do non pvp servers as there is no defence against people raiding ur base.

You could just stop them, since it’s non PVP, if they killed you it would be illegal. So it is indeed, illegal to raid.

You idiot, it isn’t pvp so they couldn’t kill him but he could kill them. So raiding is unfair on non pvp servers.

i couldn’t kill them and they couldn’t kill me as i said i could only stand their and watch as kneekappa and his friend stole all my stuff

I agree its unfair, there needs to be some kind of object in game in the Non-pvp servers like a metal storage chest that locks like a door or something, Since the only way to protect your stuff is to open your storage chest while your being raided so the intruders cant open it, but they can always just destroy it.

I would’ve destroyed my own storages. If I’m not having my loot no one is :slight_smile:

Well PvE means player vs environment, essentially meaning it’s supposed to be Co-op. So no, raiding shouldn’t be allowed in a PvE server.

Raiding is always allowed unless the server says PvE. If you don’t like that, you shouldn’t have bought the game. That being said, if it specifically says non PvP, that would mean you could still raid just not kill, right?

The OP said NON-PVP server.

The issue is that on a non PVP-server all the raiding mechanics of a PVP server are there, EXCEPT for the fact that you cannot DEFEND your stuff. So you just have to stand by and watch as your house gets blown apart and supplies get stolen.

Raiding is allowed unless otherwise specified, that has always been the case since the game was in webplayer.

NON-PVP but also NON-PVE seems like the worst piece of shit style-of-play i’ve ever heard of who would even indulge in this monstrosity except people who want to abuse it to steal peoples’ items?!

People who don’t want to be killed hundreds of times before getting well established.PvE is basically pussy mode, for people who enjoy single player campaigns instead. That is essentially what it is, since there is almost no player-to-player interaction besides nice folk who give you a ton of items.

But that’s only a fact because of the current stage of development in the game. the environment isn’t particularly threatening enough yet to go head to head with a group of players.

That’s why the game is in early access, we are supposed to be finding bugs and helping the devs improve the game.

yeah, exactly, that’s why calling PvE pussy mode is quite unfair to the game

Point taken, I wasn’t trying to offend anyone with it or anything, I am just saying that it serves no purpose since the core of rust is PvP to gather resources and to survive.

aye, but i’m pretty sure building settlements with people is also part of rusts’ core mechanics

Personally I would call that a secondary objective, personal survival is the real goal, and teaming up and surviving together ensures personal survival. But I see what you are getting at.

Can’t argue with that

back to the point of the matter how would i go about reporting such an issue to a admin on the offical server as i saw the dude on again and he said he would continue to raid me and any other people he wants