Is research table staying for january patch?

The tech tree update was super cool and I Really enjoyed this new idea of progression however I feel the people who need this type of progression change are the clans. On my server clans rushed to Tier 3 workbench and researched mp5 within the first hour or so, after crafting one they researched pistol bullets at a research bench which they got from crafting the mp5. They just progressed even faster than normal.

Would be cool if the research table method was completely removed so that the tech tree update did what I hope was intended (slow progression), Of course, then all items would have to be added to the tech tree so they can all still be researched. By removing the ability to research at research benches you will have to go through the tiers to get all the necessary blueprints to be able to use the items in the next tier. for the example above, go through tier 1 to research pistol bullets to be able to use mp5s in tier 3.

Any response on the thought process behind the tech tree would be appreciated :slight_smile:

Jesus if you had to learn all of T1 before T2 that’d just be awful. I mean if they made it a percentage, maybe.

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Nothing is going to be removed. Tech trees are in-game already and as you can see the only thing they got rid of are experiments.

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