Is Resouce Hole Still The Best Place To Gather?

I’m looking at getting out of the hole…way to many people are building in my once vacant valley to the east. Where else has some solid farming potential, I’d prefer somewhere close-ish to a rad town but it’s not required.

I’ve never heard that the hole is the best place to gather… I’ve always opted for zombie hill to set up shop and do resource runs through french valley and resource valley but it does get crowded there often times.

If I’m going for a solo experience and I want to be safer than usual, I hop over the mountains to hacker valley and set up in the hills over there. Quite a bit of easy resources in the valley if you have them to yourself. (Which isn’t usually the case, but still…)

Resource hole is good because it has a set number of resource nodes that spawn very frequently in a small amount of space, plus you get fast spawns of zombie bears/wolves, but be prepared to fight over them as it usually is very contested. Some of the other valleys / coasts have similar resources spawns and are less crowded.

I think french and resource are the best. Sometimes there are tons on resource coast too. Just depends

Hacker Valley is pretty good too. I usually set a shack up on the mountain between North Hacker and Resource Valley and hop between the two dependent on traffic. Next Valley is pretty good too…

Next Valley is da shitz. Part from all the bears & wolves, although if you need to farm them aswell, Next Valley is the place to be!

I like next valley, but the biggest d-bags on our server live up there with a base the size of Texas.

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What about ballzack valley/mountain? I have every recipe in the game so I just need resources to farm, build, and destroy.

Hangar all the way man, just don’t get killed. :stuck_out_tongue:

lol, I’m pretty sure that when we have 50ish dudes online 40 of them are on the south side of the map

If it was not for a venture out one night, I probably wouldnt have gone there. However, quite surprising I ended up making my base in a very low to 0 population area in Wasteland south along the coast. Not only was it low pop (and I mean on my server I have yet to see or seen traces of anyone out there) but there is still a good supply of resources (and if your like me who only builds metal, this area was set). In essence, it kept me alive for nearly two weeks and was not bothered once.
edit- When I came upon this area I had just gone through a wipe. So…I had nothing. I should also mention that if you go from wasteland south in a north/westerly travel route you will end up on the easterly side of the main map road. It was there that I would travel to from my base at the crack of dawn and kill reds for about 30 minutes collecting what i could,then I would fall back into the valley and wouldnt be seen

Middle Hacker Valley tons of resources and animals and good hiding spots for a base in the mountains.