Is rp_downtown_v2 still "desired"?

Hello, I wanted to open a DarkRP server (don’t judge me, I wanted to revisit old times without the bullshit) and I placed downtown v2 because it’s a simple map (and more or less a big chunk of the community has it). The question is: Will this fact avoid people to join? Is downtown v2 still a map that you see and say “yeah, I’ll check this out” or it’s a “nah, shit/overused map, next”?

I wanted to avoid putting an obscure but new map so I can put as few downloads as possible but I don’t know if it’ll affect.

The problem with downtown derivatives is that they don’t capture the original downtown theme. I would suggest going with v2 fiend, it’s much more optimised than the original and stays true to the original. If you’re thinking of going for any newer downtown maps then don’t bother.

I never fully liked the downtown derivates because as you said, it doesn’t capture the downtown feel. I wanted to know if I should use a classic map or a new one. I think that for now I’ll stick with this one.

Thanks for the tip! I also remember fiend being great.

Yes. If you are a new community, I would suggest you start on rp_downtown_v4c_v2 and do the old switcheroo when you have some regular players. Kinda shitty that it has to be this way, but people aren’t going to join a server with a low playercount, especially if it doesn’t use the “universal” map that they already have downloaded.

I know what you mean, but I don’t know what’s worse: If starting with a “not so popular” map (at least now) or starting with one that other servers (ones really populated) have, since I would have to compete against them (and I don’t know if I’ll stand a chance).

townsend looks like another underrated map, but if has roads and we wanted to be minimalistic :v

It’s been ages since i’ve seen a server use v2. It seems once GMod 13 hit the board, everyone sort of forgot it existed, and v2 was now replaced with v4. And then the sewers were cut out. Is this v4 or v1 we’re talking about? I forgot.

Anyway, I feel as though you might be able to captivate some people looking to relive the nostalgia, and captivate some people who want a map that isn’t evocity v33 or rp_downtown_v4c.

I would love to see a classic DarkRP server with v2… But I am guessing people desire v4c and shit like that more now.


use the first downtown map ever created if u want to keep it original or bangclaw

I do have a server running v2 without bullshit content (no Workshop or Scriptfodder) nor bullshit rules (I tried to add custom mechanics to automatize things and avoid abusing -also limits players without the constant fear of being kicked for little things-; I also give freedom so people can have fun) but I’m having trouble getting people that aren’t minges (server with low player count is like a minge magnet or something).

rp_downtown is way too small of a map no matter what version it is. A thousand servers use them for the dumbest reasons

no offence meant but are you stupid? downtown derivatives are some of the most unnecessarily large maps, even on servers with >32 players they feel barren as fuck. not to mention people only using like 5% of the total map. I guarantee tons of darkrp players don’t even know downtown had a sewer system.

I used to spend my days learning those sewers like the back of my hand. Was very disappointed when I heard that 80% of servers don’t have the sewers anymore. There was great RP potential there, where I would drag my kidnapping victims (9 times out of 10 the mayor) down into the sewers and use my knowledge of the underground to avoid being found.

There was once a bug where you could punt yourself into an out-of-bounds area of the sewers using props, but that was years ago.

I think it’s so that they can free up more brushes for surface detail.

i wish i could do it, but very very little people would join, im thinking about doing what toast said but even then i doubt rpers favorite servers

Use Hometown!

i desire it every damn day i play. i remember being a squeaker bitch that fucked around all day on hellsgamers rp_downtown_v2 server and i was p rich. I miss those days :frowning:

Oh man bangclaw was one my favorite maps for being a hobo.

I like the outside area on rp_bangclaw, but it’s too big and it lacks a good, centralized PD

hello yes i am a woman

i “desire” rp_downtown so much :wink:

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