Is Rust a dying game?

I’ve played this game before the steam release and I quit due to how many cheaters and lack of updates that actually make the game playable (air-drops/ghosting/amount of hackers/de-sync/etc.). Today I logged in to to see the most populated server, including official servers, was at 58 players…that number just seems pathetic to me. Thoughts?

Isn’t even started how could it die…

technically you are supposed to look for errors and bugs in the game at this stage

it is not meant to be played as a finished product

I know it’s alpha and meant for bug finding but with no population a game wont continue. The official servers use to be full 24/7, they’re all basically empty. The highest populated server right now for private servers is 58.

There’s nothing to do anymore except the same old cycle of build, raid, get raided, rebuild etc. The game really needs more content and more stuff to do otherwise it will continue to stagnate until only a small group of the most hardcore are left playing

Make bank off of alpha and just stop developing.

The population will go through the roof again as soon as more content is added.

I have probably a dozen people on Steam that have all quit due to exploitation and cheating along with the all too prevalent admin abuse.

The game needs some major fixes that don’t entail graphics or anything superficial. The admins need a first person perspective to determine who is cheating if the game cannot itself detect them.

The base within a rock thing needs to be addressed as well as the door glitch and other such things.

Like Robbo said as well, the game is missing something to change the pace and gameplay. IE: vehicles or some way to utilize the massive continent that is 99 percent barren.

assuming the core game-play hasn’t been cloned and executed better by then, then you’re probably right

Early Access tend to result in the users getting fed up during the development period. When the game is done people won’t think it have anything new to offer. Will be interesting to see how Rust sales develop over time as the game nears full release.

Maybe cause we have jobs…

wtf does this even mean.

Lack of updates, lack of endgame, and players make it boring. nothing to be done after grinding for a few hours. And dont bullshit about “Its alpha” because NO SHIT SHERLOCK, AND UPDATES ARE VERY RARE AND SLOW. (125+ hours of rust as of 18/3/2014)

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