Is Rust available for mac??

I haven’t the game but i’d love to try it, Is the game available for mac??

I don’t have the game, but it is a browser game so I would think so.

unity webplayer works on mac osx and windows!

It no doubt works for mac :smiley:

Unity works with both, Windows and Mac. While we have not tried it, there is a good chance it works.

So, it’s browser based.
I’ll be able to play on linux?


unity webplayer does not support linux

switch to an operating system with less toejam eating

Mac user here. Play it all day, erry day on my Mac with 60 FPS.

Awesome, thanks for the feedback. We will try to get some sorts of temporary system requirements up on the wiki soon.

On your FAQ I added some stuff about system requirements and graphics cards, some stuff about loosing your account too.

Just saw it, thanks. Sounds good. ‘Not a gaming PC’ can be everything though, I will try and gather some information what low systems people are running that game on.