Is rust being DDoS'ed?

I’m in game trying to cook stuff in my furnace and the game seems to have a server freeze for about 30 seconds with intermittent breaks of normal functionality. I’m trapped in my house and I can’t open the furnace or camp fire. Anyone else experiencing this problem?

same here

At least you’re in your house. I’m in the open with full kevlar, 3 fully modded weapons, 1k ammo, and 6 explosive charges.

yes its back…again

Yes it’s happening again to me as well. I haven’t moved in like 10 minutes now.

Seems so, I was on my server trying to get back home when i lagged something fierce. Then logged off to see if it was just me and my cache…and couldnt get back into a server official or private.

why are you on the forum before checking ?

Someone’s out raiding…

Well the DDOS kid woke up from his nap.

Because I already checked and it doesn’t say anything, apart from the fact that a few days ago the servers got ddos’ed.

We’ve added some countermeasures, server admins should update their servers and let us know how it’s running. Will have more information tomorrow

Thats why, the countermeasures obviously are not working…

I disconnected with kevlar and modded weapon next to a zombie, he killed me and I couldn’t do shit! haha :stuck_out_tongue: life is hard

I updated my stuff last night…thats from about 12am EST. Already patched my shit!

I guess I’m luckier after all. I only have about 60 gunpowder, a 9mm pistol and 20 rounds. I have enough metal to make a shotgun though and I have several blueprints.

To early to tell. Could be that he stopped attacking. Could be that they work for a while

yes there are problems again.

Same here…

im in a house i just raided with 6 c4 fully loaded up, at least i got a wood door on and broke their bags :rolleye:

I got eaten by zombies :frowning:

Was a lot higher before this hiccup.

that just means its time for everyone to take a nap before they fix it!:quagmire: