Is Rust compatibility on Mac horrible, or are Mac users not smarter than the average bear?

I’m running the game perfectly on Linux, which is known to have almost the least compatibilty over most platforms. In most cases, far worse than Macintosh. My first couple weeks, my gameplay was very choppy, but I was able to play it by patching some tweaks together. Small tweaks, such as disabling grass, and switching to a proprietary video driver. Even switching to the dev build could help at times.

Anyway, back to my main topic. Are Mac users just dumber than rocks? Is that why they purchase modern $1,500 machines that have hardware equivalent to a Windows ME tower?

P.S. I’m making this thread to see butthurt Mac users attept to defend themselves.


Perhaps, Rust can’t run on hardware that has been obsolete for ten years.

Massive windows fan for life here.

There’s nothing wrong with iOS or mac users, you’re just an idiot. Go away, we don’t like elitists.

Yay, controversy. Also, thank you for the SMG/Kings bases on (US East) Rust in Peace, I’m being honest.

I haven’t actually played with you like, ever. I’m 100% sure of it.

I use “MostGenericName” too

Ah, okay then. I met a guy named J!nx the other day. He had a massive clan of around twelve players by the name of SMG. They raped the whole server, and gave me a good bit of items after the chaos. In the end, he was a good guy. If it wasn’t you, oh well.