is Rust dead?

Is it me or are most of the Rust servers dying out?

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No, it is not dead - Servers just have not a long life due Teams leave Server after getting raped from other Teams, or because they feel they cant catch up anymore.

I know that because i had a good running Server…for 1 week, than it lost more and more Players, and i experiance this since some months now.

Key Problem are often big Teams ( myself had a 15 man Team, we got banned from 4 Servers because we dominated them all )

Now i just Play in small Groups to enlarge game fun, and be fair to others and now…guess what- now we face the Problem of other 10 man Teams raiding the complete Server. lol

So basically i think this Server hopping is mostly because of they lost all their stuff and rather start at a new Server than building again at same Server…also they might be affraid the raiders come back and so on.

  • Still the Players are there, they are just constantly moving and hopping…at least, this is my experiance and opinion in my 350h of rust.