Is rust for mac?

Hi i was wondering if rust was for mac??

Rust is playable on Mac too, with the same requirements as on Windows (installing the Unity Web Player plugin).

However there’s a bug with the Unity engine on mac, and shadows. I’m not sure if that’s been fixed yet.

ok thanks i’m going to go buy it now :smiley:

So can anyone please post a video on youtube or something so that i can see (and other people too) that its legit to play on Mac?


sorry again just wondering what are the specs you need to run rust?

why do you need proof, when a moderator just told you, you can play it on mac? Its on a web browser and the unity engine is for mac and windows and i also sometimes playing it on a mac when im away from my computer.

Dude i just need to know the specs to be able to play the game :confused:

I wasnt directing that towards you i was directing that to the other guy that said he needs proof.

A mid-range desktop from last year (or 2 years ago) is able to handle the game at highest settings somewhat nicely.

I would recommend a newer GPU that is DX11 compatible, and an intel CPU.

(I personally recommend to steer clear of AMD if you want performance and drivers that aren’t terribly buggy)

Thats what MaxOfS2D says ^

full specs please.

is it playable on a macbook pro 13"?

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annnnnnnnd sold out

Mac isn’t a computer, i laughed hard

yes it is

He said he uses it when he is AWAY from his actual computer, learn to read…

I was actually going to just now make a thread asking if it was for mac since I was thinking about buying a key.

next time don’t post like this

What are the specs??

Yeah, if you look at the FAQ on “Rust keys not for sale” look on there, It says it is.


It appears that the shadows tend to bug a little for macs, as Max stated.

It’s not really that much of a problem though.

um sooooo… no specs?