Is Rust Going In The Right Direction? (Discussion)

Ok so after much time put into rust I have noticed a few things. In my opinion I feel that the developers are treating rust more like a beta rather than the alpha that it is. For example they are pressured by the community to fix bugs and improve small things, pretty much polishing. Rather than just adding on to the game as it is only 10% finished. To me this is like polishing a car that only has the wheels on it. They are starting to take baby steps for example their upcoming update with actual add ons . But I do feel like it is just too small of an update for how long we have all waited.

I will be doing a follow up post on this subject but I need to hear the communities perspectives and opinions before I do that. What is your opinion on the progress of rust ?

Because putting in the new UI, which was holding back adding game mechanics and features, is polishing.

Because creating the item editor to make it so that anyone on the dev team can add items, a critical tool that removes a huge bottleneck in adding items, is polishing.

Because critical bugfixes like airdrops and foundations being broken are “polish”.

Do you not understand that alpha is the main drive for bugfixing because this is when the foundation of the whole game is laid down? You build the foundation and get it solid, and then you add content.

For the car metaphor, it isn’t polishing the car that only has wheels on it.

The devs are making sure the engine doesn’t catch on fire when you put it into second gear. You’re asking for the dashboard to get more dials added to it when most of them aren’t wired in at all because, as established, the devs are still making sure the engine doesn’t spit flames out the back when they rev it up.

To me there is a big difference between early alpha (rust) and late alpha (polishing). The UI is the only tweak I see necessary at this time, the fact is the moment they add in more stuff which they obviously are going to do they are going to have to re polish other aspects just to make it all sync in harmony. Might as well focus on building the games foundations rather than prettying up the bare bone foundation that we currently have.

The only thing that’s Polish here, is me.

Sorry, I have literally registered on these forums solely to make this retarded joke. Don’t mind me.

the item editor site isn’t secret I’m pretty sure garry posted a link to it already. also elix is right they said that the old ui sucked and was stopping them from doing things. I think they want to make the game not broken and then add things in.

I feel like they are getting pressured from the immunity to make it more “playable” which is distracting them from adding on to it.

Keep the opinions coming I really want to hear how the whole community feels!

is this the longest “early alpha” or somthing it have been in that for fucking 7+ Months now, its gonna be fucking awesome!

Yeah it feels weird, that they add a nice sky and stuff, but don’t progress on for example the replacement of the rad animals. Or at least don’t tell us about it. Also the idea of the procedural map generation is too early IMO. Better keep playing on this map, add other content AFTER “the foundation” is laid and then advance to big projects that will change the complete game like the map generation. I feel like if they add it too early it will cause bigger problems than it will solve.

It better be awesome after this amount of time. They better come up with something crazy like jeeps to make up for it hahaha:D

ofcourse it’s going in the right direction, they’re going to add frickin’ dinosours

Rust have no direction. LoL, they already have enougth money to live 4ever, fuck we they live well :slight_smile:

If they just added a bunch of broken shit in, this game would be no different than DayZ or 7 Days To Die. I commend them for adding features that actually work and are not buggy 98% of the time.

Honestly op when I look at the patch notes I am a bit disappointed that we don’t get any new content, but it feels like a large update in terms of just fixing shit up and adding code. The bugs that arise when they add new features (decay) can take a while to iron out, and probably aren’t as easy to fix as everyone assumes they are. I mean it must have taken them forever to find and then fix the airdrop bug, (which fixes a major gameplay issue for a lot of people). I like that they are taking their time to make sure the final product is adequate, instead of rushing to add in as many different ideas as they can and leaving us with a shallow, buggy, poorly made game.

Try waiting on Dwarf Fortress updates and someday you might learn the meaning of patience :wink:

As for whether or not rust is going in the right direction, right now it has no direction, we’re just floating in the river waiting for some kind of major content update to shake things up (hopefully soon).

They goddamn better add dinosaurs!

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I think everyone is just waiting for a huge change. The gameplay right now is very shallow and has no real depth however they do have a great game! Patience is a virtue I guess :frowning:

I don’t know if Rust is going in the right direction, it is hard to gauge a direction from something that is barely moving.

Dinosaurs, seriously… Oh god, all the amazing stuff you can think about you come up with dinosaurs? Good news, there are a few games out there for you dinosaur fan…

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If you’re going to think they will add stuff like that in a short period of time… You’re going to have a bad time.

If you think this Alpha stage will be over soon then you will also have a bad time…

Wouldn’t surprise me if this Alpha stage is going to last for atleast a year.

I’m cool with that, most games take a long time to actually finish up.

Well they totally destroyed gmod with gmod 13, it’s an extremely buggy and unstable game which will remain in this incomplete state thanks to development efforts being on Rust.

I feel like they don’t really have a clear vision on what they really want rust to become. They were caught off guard on how popular rust became to be honest.

it becomes more and more rusty = it goes the right direction