Is Rust online ?

I know this is a silly question, but is Rust online or are they patching the game at the moment. I haven’t touched Rust since around 2-3 days ago (after the issue was solved where you couldn’t connect to a server), but I seem to have the same issue now again. When I attempt to connect to a server, it says failed. Sorry again if this is silly. I wouldn’t have done this if my friend wasn’t at work right now, he could go on Rust and tell me if it’s just me :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s being attacked by some whiny ass fucking babies who don’t know shit about games or alpha. Whenever the DDOS stops it’ll play like normal.

Some frenchy(s) are butthurt and are using an exploit to disrupt server connections or some such. Something to do with an exploit of the Ulink library as if I know what that means :).

Alright then, thanks for the info, i had no idea Rust was being DDoS attacked.

Yeah some fucking GAY ASS MOTHER FUCKING FRENCH FAGGOTS (FWI I hated french people before this) Arnt getting a free server so they are hacking the servers making it so no one else can play because french peoples are faggots.

Wow perfect timing I just got rust after a 2 month break.

Not a DDoS.

Don’t be a dick to French people because of a few individuals. I am French Canadian, i don’t quite enjoy speaking French, but i don’t hate French people for it…
Plenty of other people who DDoS games for no reason aren’t French…

Welcome to the rage fest of the internet, where one group of people are ousted by the actions of a few.

I am sorry you will have to hear this hate for the next few days.

I cant connect at all.It says connecting to server,then boots me back to the server list.